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Sri Lanka has much to offer the traveler to its shores and can cater to every taste and whim. Whether you want a busy holiday packed with bustle and excitement or a more leisurely sojourn in a tropical paradise, Sri Lanka could fulfill your desires and it would be our pleasure at Pearl Island Tours to make your dream come true.

For the historically minded the country’s six World Heritage sites including its old royal cities with their magnificent palaces, temples, sculptures and paintings offer a glimpse into a past which stretches back more than twenty five centuries.

For the adventurous, the seas, rivers and mountains of the island provide many opportunities for swimming, surfing, diving, white-water rafting, fishing, camping, trekking and even ballooning. The seas on the country’s east coast are reputed to offer some of the best surfing in the world.

If your pleasure is to get closer to nature, you will be enchanted by Sri Lanka’s abundant wild life, seen in its natural habitat, from the enormous, gentle elephant and the fiery leopard to the miniscule mouse deer and the tiny nocturnal loris with its huge luminous eyes.

With more than 400 species of indigenous and migratory birds Sri Lanka is an ornithologist’s paradise and bird-watching tours are an increasingly popular addition to our repertoire.

The coral reefs that ring the island are home to a kaleidoscopic array of fishes in brilliant hues, a veritable treasure trove that can be visited at all times of the year. Deeper waters off-shore offer whale and dolphin watching as well as scuba diving and sailing.

Cosmopolitan Colombo is an adventure in itself, offering everything from age-old temples with magnificent frescos and carefully preserved colonial architecture, through museums and art galleries to excellent restaurants and street cafes serving every kind of food from Italian ice cream to the incandescent curries for which Sri Lanka is justly famous.

Like the merchants of the old world you can discover the delights of shopping in Sri Lanka. Gems, silks, handloom cottons, designer clothes, spices and some of the best tea in the world await your shopping pleasure.

Sri Lanka’s growing industrial sector offers the possibility of factory and workshop visits and tea factories are a must for anyone visiting the hill country. On the

handicraft side, you might want to look in on a batik factory or a brass ware factory putting age old designs to modern use.

And finally, our traditional ayurveda spas will pamper you and restore your inner balance while you rest and relax and the end of a hectic tour packed with excitement and adventure.

Sri Lanka has much to offer the traveler to its shores. For the historically minded its old royal cities offer a glimpse into a 2,500 year old past.

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  Sri Lanka offers many possibilities. Cosmopolitan Colombo provides a range of activities and places to visit from museums and temples to street markets.
  Pearl Island Tours has put considerable thought and effort into finding exactly the right places for our guests to stay.