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Galle Literary Festival

Literature under all its forms is what can be explored, discovered or re-discovered here. At the dawn of each year, Galle stages a festival that is an open circle for writers, reader, poets and admirer of the most celebrated writer of their era. Throughout the festival, a comprehensive array of workshops teach the novices as much as the most diligent writers new ways to improve their performance. This lovely festival that is an oasis of knowledge on writing techniques takes place in the gorgeous Old town of Galle that is a treasure by itself. There is a lot for you to explore when you are at the festival.

Colombo Fashion Week

Each year, the Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) brings you glamour, elegance and style. This initiative was aimed at developing a South Asian fashion hub, thus encouraging and promoting commerce between regional designers and retailers. Its main aim is to uplift the fashion industry of Sri Lanka, and its approach is multifaceted.

In a country where apparel manufacturing maintains world class quality and reputation, the aspect of fashion design has not yet been fully developed, in spite of the tremendous potential available. CFW identifies young designers before offering them guidance and internship through CFW’s Technical Studio. These designers then become part of the international showcase, gaining the opportunity to interact with and learn from established designers, as well as exposure to high potential markets. By encouraging Sri Lankan designers to use local textiles and crafts in their designs, it helps to boost related industries.

CFW is also developing a Sri Lankan and a regional buyer network to start a commercial dialogue with designers. All of this combined creates a sustainable local fashion industry, constantly offering opportunities for designers with potential and existing designers.

Navam Perahera (Gangarama)
The colorful Gangarama annual Perahera, second only to the world famous Kandy’s Dalada Perahera, paraded the streets of Colombo with all its colour and gaiety, which of late has become the centre piece of the metropolis. More than a cultural event the Navam perahera has more value to it as a religious ritual, a pooja to the deities in general and the Triple Gem in particular. Unlike in the traditional peraheras in the Navam perahera we don’t see statues or the presence of Nilames here. But to beat all peraheras, the Navam perahera parades more elephants than we see in the rest.
Dye+Chem Sri Lanka International Expo

Dye+Chem Sri Lanka is an exclusive International exhibition on all kinds of dyes and fine & specialty chemicals for the Sri Lankan Industry. This is the biggest meeting place for buyers & suppliers of dyers and chemicals sector and single platform to showcase from home and abroad the latest developments and emerging technology for the Process Industry.

Date: 03-MAR-11 to 05-MAR-11
Venue: Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Textech Sri Lanka

Textech Sri Lanka 2011 will brings a perfect opportunity for the investments occurring in Sri Lanka. This is a great B2B platform where buyers, seller and importers can meet and exchange their ideas. The event will be held between 03-05 March 2011 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Date: 03-MAR-11 to 05-MAR-11
Venue: Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo International Yarn & Fabric Show

Colombo International Yarn & Fabric Show 2011 Sri Lanka is a leading International Exhibition for Yarn & Fabric Manufacturers / Suppliers for the entire Apparel & Textile. The event will attract huge visitors from the Apparel & Textile arena of Sri Lanka and abroad. Over 100 exhibitors from around the world will present their up-to-date fabrics, which is ready-to-use for garment, accessories, industrial use and other various applications.

Date: 03-MAR-11 to 05-MAR-11
Venue: Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Thailand Shopping Festival

The event named as ‘Thailand Shopping Festival 2011' will be organized first time in 2011 by Introduction trade shows. “Thailand Shopping Festival 2011” will be a platform for buyers and sellers of Thai products. The event is being organized to boost up the business of companies of Thailand. The event will provide a golden opportunity to the companies of Thailand to attract new customers for their business growth as well as to expand their business in new areas. The event Thailand Shopping Festival 2011 will provide an opportunity to the visitors to know about the products of Thailand as well as about Thailand because they will get a chance to communicate with the people of Thailand.

Date: 17-MAR-11 to 20-MAR-11
Venue: Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sinhala and Tamil New Year
In month of April, or in the month of 'Bak' according to the Buddhist calendar, when the sun moves (in an astrological sense) from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) in the celestial sphere; Sri Lankans begin celebrating their New Year or Aluth Avurudhu (in Sinhala) and Puththandu (in Tamil). It marks the end of the harvest season and also coincides with one of two instances when the sun is directly above Sri Lanka.

Each year, on the 13 & 14 April, comes that time of the year where families re-unite. Large families, who might be dismantled over Sri Lanka and overseas due to work obligations, usually make it a point to come together during this celebration. After respecting auspicious times, Sri Lankan often hold large festivals where traditions and competitions of all kind take place for the entire family. Fun, sheer laughter and happiness is what Sri Lanka experiences each year during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.
Consumer Fair

Consumer Fair 2011 devotes itself to build brands, establish global purchasing network, form a platformfor information sharing and push forward the development of the industry and market. This is the 15thedition of the event. Procurement officers from local supermarts, retail-chain operators, local tradeimporters, stockists and wholesalers, and the general public are the target visitors. Profile exhibit includesHome & Household, Personal Care, Disposable Item, Toilet & Bath, Decor, Toys, Home Plastic Products,Kitchen, Tabletop, Home Glass Products, Ceramic, Porcelain, Home Weighing Apparatus, HomeWood and Bamboo Products, Cleaning Products, Products for Baby and Kid, Home Fabric, InsulatedContainer, Home Steel Products, Rain Gears, Clothes Racks, Clothes-pin, Pet, and Relevant Materialand Mechanism.


The most important Buddhist full moon day is in May . Vesak Poya - which marks the Buddha.s birth,enlightenment and passing away (Pariniwana). Large pandals (bamboo frameworks) hung with picturesdepicting events in the life of the Buddha are erected in the streets, illuminated by flashing coloured lightbulbs. Roadside dansalas (stalls) offering free food and soft drinks to passers-by are notable features ofthe event. Among the many striking Vesak decorations are intricate paper lanterns of different shapesand sizes, and little clay coconut oil lamps (pol-thel pahana) that flicker throughout the island. Visitors toSri Lanka at this time will not fail to witness and be moved by the beautiful displays of lanterns outsideevery Buddhist home, business and temple.

Arugambay Surf competition

The UK Pro Surf Tour has announced it will be returning to Sri Lanka in July this year for the “Sri LankaChampion of Champions Surf Contest” at Arugam Bay. Renowned as one of the best ‘point breaks’ in theworld, Arugam Bay is situated on the East coast of Sri Lanka, which is now accessible as a result of therecent end to the civil unrest in the country.The 2009 Championships, which take place on July 1-6, willsee 48 surfers fighting it out to become the ultimate champion including some of UK’s top professionalsurfers, international stars and local Sri Lankan surfers.Walk the world

Walk the world

Walk the World is a global event hosted to raise awareness about child hunger. In Sri Lanka this yearparticipants board "The Hunger Train" at Colombo's Fort Station and travel north to Negombo, where atraditional walk takes place.Kandyan dancers add colour to the 5km walk and are joined by locals, visitorsand children from around the country. Activities in Sri Lanka are led by the World Food Programmecountry office in partnership with the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation (SUNFO).

AyurVeda-EXPO 2011
The three day mega Exhibition & Symposium where various ayurveda (herbal) products from many companies will be showcased. A large number of participants. Exhibitors will have maximum exposure, publicity for their products and services available for foreign and local clients. Visitors will have the opportunity to know from A - Z about indigenous healthcare products. Services and treatment methods practiced in Sri Lanka and other Countries.
Hikkaduwa Beach Fest
The Hikkaduwa Beach Fest, a day & night event that usually spans over 5 days, was initiated by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in 2008 in an attempt to boost tourism to the west coast of the island. This established annual event attracted more than 10,000 visitors the very first year, and continues to draw crowds together each year. This happening could be described as the place where the east meets the west. World famous DJs are flown in each year to spice up this event that is primarily for the family. ‘Ministries of sounds’ of different cultures meet here in Hikkaduwa during the months of July& August to lift your spirit to a frantic state of euphoria and exhilaration.
The Esala Perahera in Kandy (July-August)

The Esala Perahara is held in the month of Esala (July - August) in Kandy. Its date depends on the lunar calendar and can therefore not be predicted in advance. Originating from Indo-Aryan traditions, the Esala festivities signify the victory of the Hindu God Indra over the demon Vritra who prevented the burst of rain clouds. In fact Esala Perahara was originally a ritual invoking the blessings of the Gods to cause rainfall in the dry month. Later the Sinahla kings who were guardians of the sacred Tooth Relic combined that event with a procession in honor of the sacred Tooth Relic.

Witnessing this pageant is an experience of a life time. The Esala Perahara is a feast for your senses. Your body will wiggle to the beat of the drums, and the warmth of the blazing torches that light the way, will entice your deepest inhibition. As the procession unfolds, you will feel your five senses come together to transport you to another dimension. Drummers, dancers and folkloric artists of all regions of Sri Lanka come together each year for one of the most celebrated festivals of the country. A festival of effervescent colors, exciting beats and amazing sensations is what we invite you to discover.


Ramadan is the ninth month according to the Muslim Hijri Calendar (lunar calendar). Muslims observefasting the whole month consisting of 29 or 30 days, (according to the sighting of the crescent moon). Itis a command of the God found in Qur’an and its one of the 5 important acts that qualifies a person asa Muslim. It has been said by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that Muslims fast to feel the hunger of thepoor so that they might engage in alms giving. Muslims are so delighted and warmly welcome this monthwith full of joy because they have been told by the God that this is the month where the Satan is tied upand the doors of heaven are opened and a month that vanishes away many sins and multiple rewardsaccountable for Muslims who makes use of this month. They begin to fast in the early morning prayer,before the dawn of the sun, fasting throughout the day till it ends in the evening at the time of sunset withanother prayer, each day.

Eid Al-Fitr Festival

Then comes their much awaited festival after one month of fasting which is known as ‘Eid Al-Fitr’. It is athree-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). Eid isan Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "conclusion of the fast"; and so the holidaycelebrates the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month ofRamadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal. Eid Al-Fitr beginswith a Wajib (compulsory) prayer of two Raka'ah (units) followed by a sermon (khuṭbah). Muslims here inSri Lanka make a famous desert using egg and jaggery, called ‘Watalapam’ together with various kinds ofsweets and enjoy themselves visiting relatives while the kids are gifted with money from the hosts of thehouses, on these special days which they celebrate twice a year.

The Elephant Gathering of Minneriya

Asian elephants are renowned as highly social animals and the reservoir or tank meetings demonstratetheir complex group dynamics in action. With the drought that the northern regions experience during themonths of August to October, the Minneriya National Park becomes the stage of a remarkable naturalphenomenon. Each year, hundreds of elephants gather around the Minneriya Tank that offers thema source of inexorable food and water. This also results in one of the most extraordinary wilderness-made spectacles. This incredible phenomenon is simply called the “Minneriya Elephant Gathering”, andit sometimes pulls together more than three hundred elephants that travel from the furthest areas ofthe island. We advise you to observe absolute silence at all time and keep in mind that you are in theirterritory. Never disturb the harmony that reigns in the animal kingdom - if they feel the smallest of theherds threatened, there certainly will be consequences. Nevertheless, observing these gentle giants inthe wild and their natural habitat will bring you harmony, serenity and inner peace. That’s a promise!

Colombo Art Biennale

Sri Lanka’s first Art Biennale now boasts the involvement of 50 artists at the main Biennale venuewith more than 25 satellite venues independently organized but in association with CAB as a unifiedexpressive consciousness under the title of “Imagining Peace”.

The challenge of getting this project off the ground in such a short timeframe has been both exciting anddemanding. Achieving funding being paramount. However, not only has the project come together inrecord time but it has been met with tremendous positivity and voluntary collaborative energy.

Colombo Marathon

In the horizon is the LSR International Marathon, now known as the Colombo Marathon.This marathon has been conducted for the last several years against obstacles, which were the reasonsfor the participation not being as we expected. This year we anticipate an overall participation ofapproximately 2,000 to 2,500 athletes.

Eid al-Adha

Means Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid", is an important religious holiday celebratedby Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice hisson Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a ram tosacrifice instead. The meat is divided into three parts to be distributed to others. The family retains onethird of the share, another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors, and the other third is given tothe poor & needy. Eid al-Adha begins with a Wajib (compulsory) prayer of two Raka'ah (units) followed by a sermon (khuṭbah).


Celebrating Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an important part of the culture for the1.5 million Hindus who live in Sri Lanka, an island nation just below the southern tip of India. Whilethe celebration of Diwali in Sri Lanka may seem a bit more low-key, especially in comparison to itsneighbor to the north, the emphasis remains on wonderful feasts, spending time with family and, ofcourse, the lighting of many candles, diyas and lamps.

Spice Festival

The culinary delights of the World Spice Festival draw on a real mixture of Sri Lankan spices and cookingmethods as well as the talents of visiting chefs and the signature spices from their home countries. Thisyear's World Spice Food Festival promises all the excitement and culinary delights that have endeared byvisitors in the past. Participating hotels and restaurants will conduct the food festival for one week in theirrestaurants

Negombo Beach Festival

The festival will be based around themed beach activities varying from traditional fishing activities, dolphin watching, family activities, water based activities to the highlight of the festival which would be a beach rave which has proven to be the most attractive method to attract visitors to festivals of this nature. Inaddition to beach activities there would be various activities happening on the streets such as road side restaurants, bars, festival transport services which will provide excursions to historic sites of the city.For more information visit


Hatton Adam`s Peak or Sri Pada is an important pilgrim site. The devotees of many religions climb themountain to invoke blessings. Buddhists believe the impression on the summit is the footprint of theBuddha. Sripada is the 4th highest mountain of Sri Lanka and it takes 4-5 hours to reach the peak by foot.The mountain is also named as Samanola Kanda or Butterfly Mountain. The area is rich in biodiversityand surrounded by the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. The pilgrimage season starts on Unduvap Poya from December to May.

Dawn of New Year

Traditional activities on New Year Eve include dinner dances, partying till dawn, firecrackers. Most of the hotels in the country will host events to celebrate the New Year. Churches hold mid-night mass on the eve of New Year

National Bird Month

Sri Lanka is home to many colorful birds. Over 400 birds including 33 endemics and 200 migrants havebeen observed on Sri Lankan soil. The Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) the nationalaffiliate of BirdLife International declared the month of December as the National Bird Month. Decemberis the peak of the Bird. Migration season and will record the highest number of birds.Many activitiesare being organised to educate the public on the subject of birds . Participants can simply go out bird-watching to as many places as possible. This data can be fed online and will be later analyzed andused for conservation purposes. Organized by: Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL)

Sri Lanka has much to offer the traveler to its shores. For the historically minded its old royal cities offer a glimpse into a 2,500 year old past.
  Sri Lanka offers many possibilities. Cosmopolitan Colombo provides a range of activities and places to visit from museums and temples to street markets.
  Pearl Island Tours has put considerable thought and effort into finding exactly the right places for our guests to stay.